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WHIM means Wilco Hospital Information Manager. Its our hospital management system software developed for multispecialty hospitals.

Stands for Wilco Dental hospital Information Manager. Its exclusively developed of dental clinics.

We are currently situated at Hyderabad in Teleangana State India. 500 004

For all On Premise or Offline installation company will provide free support service as per the PO (Purchase Order) terms and conditions.

We charge for the support service as per PO terms & conditions. Most of the cases it will be covered in AMC
which will be taken on annual basis.

AMC - Annaul Maintenance Cost. It will be taken from client to provide uninterrupted service on annual basis.

Monday-Friday :: 10AM - 7PM
Saturday ::10 AM - 1 PM
Sunday ::CLOSED

Whom to contact details will be provided at the of PO closure.

Please mail us at with clear details.

Telephonic support
Online Remote Desktop Support
Work Item for CRM registered
On client place (Conditions Apply)

As part of our continuous R&D and clients feedback we tool out updates in regular mannner. When updates are ready client will be intimated and updated.

Offline/On Premise:
Min: 2GB RAM,Win XP,100 GB,Laser/Dot Matrix printer,UPS,Office,PDF reader.
Any configuration where we can run browser.Better configuration better application speed.

Depends on the Product variants and Client variants.It generally varies from 1 - 2 days.

We have both online and offline versions. Cost depends on features required.

Call: +91 9502650550/9390044899

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We Provide IT support solutions for client case studies with our dedicated work ship and quality service.

Our services span from Application management, packaged application services, validation and verification to Product Engineering Services